Battle Song

Words for a Sunday morning – Sept. 10
September 10, 2017
Faith leaders launch relief effort for Florida
September 12, 2017

Battle Song

Oh people of God; Praise the Lord!

Praise Him who formed man from the dust
Male and female, created in His image
“He breathed into their lung the breath of life
He has knit you together in your mother’s womb
He sustains your being with His power

Shout for Joy! Sing with all the strength of your heart oh people!
For the sun rises at His command
Every day is a new gift of His mercy

Praise the Lord, He is King!
But listen oh people of God, lest your prayers be hollow rather and hallow
You are subjects of a good King, warriors in His army, and you are called to fight
Our enemies are no longer flesh and blood but there is an enemy
And he prowls like a lion, seeking to devour and destroy

We are soldiers in this battle and these are our commands:
Feed the hungry
Welcome the stranger
Protect the helpless
Care for the women and children
Advocate for the poor
Cry out for justice
Visit the prisoner
Humble yourselves and pray
Love always as Christ loved you

We must praise lest we grow weary and desperate in our fight
We must fight lest we grow stale and lifeless in our praise
Join in the battle. Join in the song
They are one.
Just as our God is One.

Let all the peoples praise Him!

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