The Evils of Racism

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August 11, 2017
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August 25, 2017

The Evils of Racism

The evil of racism is dominating our headlines and social media after the tragic events in and around Charlottesville, VA unfolded last weekend. Angry internet posts and bloggers abound. Deeply disturbing is that some white nationalists appeal to the Bible and to the church for support, which reminds us that racism is unfortunately intertwined with American church history.

Nothing about racial superiority of any kind flows from the heart of God. It cannot be overstated. Any group that claims racial superiority is voicing a claim directly in opposition to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Period. There should be no question about this. Jesus came to reach across all the lines that divide us – race, gender, nationality and culture – loving all people equally.

“For God so loved the WORLD that He gave His one and only Son.” (John 3:16). This truth is woven from the beginning of the Bible to the end. In the end, people from “every nation, tribe, people and language” are standing before the throne and worshiping the Lamb of God (Revelation 7:9).

Jesus taught his followers to cross all kinds of racial and cultural lines, and He modeled that again and again – including when He spoke to a Samaritan woman at a well in John 4. I’m discussing that passage in this Sunday’s message. I hope you’ll come.

Today, you may be wondering how you can respond. Here are a couple ideas for where to begin:

1. Listen to this excellent talk on race by Dr. Peter Cha from Trinity Seminary during Blackhawk’s Ethnicity and Faith event last year. –>…/media-reso…/event-archive/…

2. Attend our seminar on Justice and Faith coming up on October 7th.

3. Use Opportunity Finder to find volunteer opportunities that align with your passions and allow you to build relationships and serve alongside our neighbors in the community. –>

Jesus teaches us how to pray when things like the events of Charlottesville rear their ugly head. The prayer goes like this: “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Let’s all pray that prayer today as we consider our role in bringing God’s Kingdom to Earth.

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