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Selfless Ambition started as a response to crisis in our community. We needs lots of volunteers to make a difference in the disparity gap

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Commitment:School Year
Do you realize that only 15% of African-American children in the Madison Schools can read at grade level and only 16% can do math at grade level. Are you outraged that we, as a community, allow that to continue year after year? We are condemning children to joblessness and hopelessness. We can do something as people of faith we can show God’s love to the children by making time for them, by volunteering as tutors both in the schools and in a neighborhood setting. You can make a huge impact on a child’s life by helping that child learn to read or improve their math skills and bolster their self-confidence. We will have organizing meetings in August for this school year. There we will explain all of your options. Please join us.
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