Beyond Charity: Love In Action

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Get involved: time to act

The situation in our local schools is at a crisis point.

selfless ambition

A response to crisis in our community.

Did you know just 12.5% of African-American children in the Madison Schools can read or do math at grade level? Let’s face it … this reflects poorly on us as a community. We can’t let it go on. We’re condemning our children, the next generation, to bad jobs and little hope.

Our Focus: The Achievement Gap

Justice begins next door. We can do better.
Live at-or-under the poverty line0%
Graduation rate for African-American students0%
College ready LatinX students0%

Good act: charity

Justice begins next door.

Free The Children works alongside the men, women and children who every day strive to free themselves from poverty, exploitation, disease and thirst.